Arrested Daesh terrorists confess tie with Assad regime

Captured Daesh terrorists disclose their secret agreement with the Assad regime in Syria's Idlib

By Burak Karacaoglu and Esref Musa

IDLIB, Syria (AA) - The Daesh terrorists captured by the opposition groups in northwestern Syrian province of Idlib confessed their collaboration with the regime of Bashar Al-Assad, sources from the military wing of the opposition group said Wednesday.

Several opposition groups fighting regime forces in Idlib captured 400 Daesh terrorists on Tuesday when attempting to infiltrate into a de-escalation zone in the city.

In the initial interrogation, the Daesh terrorists said that Russian and regime forces had hit the opposition from the air but had not targeted Daesh members advancing from Hama to Idlib, the sources told Anadolu Agency in condition of anonymity.

The opposition groups kept the location of the detained Daesh terrorist secret because of the possibility of the regime and its supporters’ attack to block their confessions, they added.

However, Anadolu Agency was able to capture images of some terrorists while being shifted from one place to another.

Idlib falls within a network of de-escalation zones -- endorsed by Turkey, Russia and Iran -- in which acts of aggression are expressly prohibited.

Syria has only just begun to emerge from a devastating conflict that began in 2011, when the Assad regime cracked down on demonstrators with unexpected ferocity.

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