Hundreds protest in South Sudan against US arms embargo

American journalist comes under attack by mob during protest outside US Embassy

By Parach Mach

JUBA, South Sudan (AA) - Hundreds took to the streets in capital Juba on Tuesday to protest against the U.S. decision to impose an arms embargo on the government and rebels if they continued to undermine efforts to end a four-year civil war.

The demonstrators marched to the U.S. Embassy premises where they voiced their condemnation of the move.

The demonstrations had been organized by various youth groups, including the Sudan People Liberation Movement Youth League.

American journalist working for the Associated Press (AP) Sam Mednick was also attacked by a mob when she was covering the demonstration.

The journalist was rescued by UN peacekeepers and local police after she was beaten up and left unconscious.

The South Sudan government on Sunday said the U.S. is not a partner after it summoned its envoy to Washington back to Juba.

The U.S. last Friday slapped an arms embargo on South Sudan, saying the government and opposition are spending money on war and giving little chance to peace and development.

South Sudan’s warring sides are attending an internationally-backed peace forum in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, the latest attempt to quell the conflict that began in December 2013 and has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

More than four million people have been forced from their homes, many to neighboring East African nations while 4.8 million face severe food shortages.

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