Turkey's Antalya favorite venue for Indian weddings

First wedding ceremony with a nearly $1 million budget is of son and daughter of famous Indian businessmen

By Sinan Ozmus

ANTALYA, Turkey (AA) -Turkey’s southern resort city of Antalya continues to be a favorite destination for Indian couples getting married.

The first Indian wedding of the year took place at a luxury hotel in Belek district.

Kunal Khatri, son of India’s famous businessman Arjun Khatri, and Shena Tharwani, daughter of businessman Hiralal Tharwani, tied the knot with a gorgeous wedding ceremony starting with a “Turkish night”.

The wedding guests witnessed a luxurious entrance of the bride and groom. Bride Tharwani was brought on a throne carried by four people while groom Khatri was accompanied by three belly dancers.

The guests at the three-day wedding were also attracting attention with their traditional clothes.

Mustafa Onat, Inventum Global's tourism project director, told Anadolu Agency it was the first winter wedding.

Bunyat Ozpak, a partner of Inventum, said the wedding cost almost $1 million. “We’ll have two big wedding ceremonies in April in Antalya. One of them will be a $15 million wedding which will have a worldwide impact.”

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