UPDATE - Palestinian martyred in W. Bank by Israeli forces

Israeli authorities accuse Jarrar of killing a settler near Nablus last month


JERUSALEM (AA) – A Palestinian man accused of killing an Israeli settler last month was martyred by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

“Ahmad Jarrar, 22, was martyred by Israeli soldiers in Yamoun village northwest Jenin city in the West Bank,” the ministry said in a statement.

Israeli authorities accuse Jarrar of killing the settler in a drive-by shooting near Nablus last month.

Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) said in a statement that Jarrar was “eliminated” in a joint operation with Israeli army and police.

Israeli soldiers have done frequent raids on Palestinian houses in Jenin in recent months in search for Jarrar.

In a raid in the city last month, Israeli soldiers demolished four houses belonging to Palestinians and martyred one of Jarrar's relatives.

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