Mynet is acquired by Mediazone

Mynet’s News, one of the most established news brands of the internet ecosystem was acquired by Mediazone, which is founded by Istanbul Portföy Fund.

Mynet is acquired by Mediazone

Mynet Games, which is the owner and operator of Mynet's global mobile and Facebook games businesses, and Vidobu, the leading LMS and Education SaaS company that provides the education infrastructure to most of the largest enterprises in Turkey, were excluded from the acquisition and remained under the ownership of Emre Kurttepeli. Mynet Games will continue on its way under its new brand name Vuvy.

Mynet has been founded by Emre Kurttepeli in 1999 as the first Turkish portal. Since then it has achieved to become one of the largest digital destination in Türkiye with digital services ranging including news, sports, finance and email.

Mediazone is an investor in media, sports and entertainment businesses and recently acquired the majority shares of Maçkolik and the entirety of Onedio. The company aims to add innovation and value to the digital media field with this major acquisition. Mediazone CEO Kaan Kayabalı, said that their aim is to establish the largest digital media operation in Turkey and the region, both to increase operational efficiency and to provide better service to advertisers.


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